Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now on Kindle!

Good morning everyone,

I am pleased to announce that "Heaven Below" is now on Kindle. For those of you who aren't familiar with this gadget, it is an electronic device that can store 1500 to 3500 books. Books can be purchased and downloaded from the site. Prices are usually half or less than that of the hard copy and you can have it in you Kindle and ready to read in 60 seconds! What a great way to carry around your favorite books and have them available to read 24/7.

For those of you who purchase "Heaven Below" Kindle version, please let me know about your experience with Amazon and the quality of the electronic verson when you read it. I am very excited about this edition and hope that it will boost sales and get the word out to lots more readers.

I will be doing another book signing at BWMC on Friday, December 11 from 11-2 in the gift shop. If you still need a copy, please drop by. I will be doing personal holiday greetings in the signings and provide free gift wrapping. Wouldn't a personalized signed American novel be a great Christmas gift?

Bundle up and drop me a line about your Kindle experience. See you on Friday!

Best wishes,

Joan Lehmann



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