Friday, June 3, 2011

The Fizz Factor Campaign Begins

Hello everyone,

After a brief hiatus, it is time for me to get back to work on my mission to reverse the American obesity trend. I have updated my Fizz Factor site ( and have added a brief publication about the history of obesity in the U.S. and its devastating effects. I launched my first public campaign on May 21, 2011 at Health Expo at Chesapeake Middle School. A cafeteria employee confided in me that she was seriously concerned with childhood obesity and the junk she saw children bring to school in their lunches. A sixth grade teacher was mortified when her class could not make it running around the track, not even 1/4 mile! My message is that we have got to get ourselves back into acceptable physical shape. The weight must come off. I would like to offer that our first effort as a nation should be to cut soda pop out of our diets. My "Drop the Pop" campaign will reach out first to children and then to their parents. Soda pop offers no nutritional value and adds the most sugary, empty calories to our diet as a nation. Taking away just 100-200 calories per day can make a significant change to the lives of individuals and our country. Cutting out just one can of soda pop per day meets that goal. If you don't drink soda pop and want to lose weight, find something else in your daily diet you can cut out to make a difference: that morning donut, that sweet coffee beverage, the fries with your sandwich, that mid-afternoon candy bar, wine with dinner or that bowl of ice cream in bed. Making one small change could change your health, your life expectancy and help the national deficit!